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SeriesOld Year: in 2017 Amazon launched my ‘Just Woman’ books as a ‘6 Book Series’, which was very nice of them because I didn’t ask them to do it (see the picture above!). The Amazon UK link is here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Just-Woman-6-Book/dp/B0747QVC9G/ and the Amazon US link is here: https://www.amazon.com/Just-Woman-6-Book/dp/B0747QVC9G/

This is certainly the collection which has attracted the most favourable comment during 2017, although it was Wattpad rather than Amazon Kindle which brought the most beneficial contact. Sales: there have been a few, which is delightful as I’ve done virtually no advertising. There has also been one, 5-star, review on Amazon.

I still have to produce a proper cover for the final (to date) volume in the ‘Just Woman’ series, which might improve sales for it.

During October a reader using Amazon.de bought the entire ‘Star’ series: I hope they enjoyed reading it. I haven’t forgotten that I’ve promised to go back and correct the typos. There were too many typos in the ‘Star’ files, partly because the cataracts in my eyes made it difficult for me to spot the detail of text on the e-page.  Now that one eye has been operated on and I can see clearly through that one at least, I’ve been reading through the files spotting silly mistakes.  While I’m on Christmas leave from work this week, one of my jobs is to tidy up and re-upload the files.

New Year: I’m still considering whether to publish ‘The Just Woman’ stories on Kobo as well as Kindle. As the Kindle Direct Publishing platform requires Kindle to have sole distribution rights, this would mean abandoning Kindle Direct Publishing — and the paperback version of The Flat at Doughty Court. On the other hand, it would reach a wider range of potential readers.

Mirabelle’s next adventure is still at the planning stage. I’ve been thinking about which of the standard ‘Edgar Wallace-style’ plotlines should be brought in, and what to add to make the story work for my circle of readers. At present there will be a visitor from South Africa, and either Mirabelle or Lucy Baines will buy a new hat.

In The Star, Adelheide and Jan are struggling on in Reolt. Jan still hates being viceroy, but at the moment there seems no alternative. I’ll put finger to keyboard again when there is something more positive to report.

I’m currently working on a ‘Watchers’ story, which won’t be finished for a while. Unusually for the ‘Watchers’ it doesn’t have a strong plot but is more like The Star, meandering through daily events pondering the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Yes, it’s self-indulgent, in fact its primary purpose is personal relaxation rather than publication. It’s throwing up various questions relating to myth and legend which are interesting to look into and which may turn into other stories in the future.

But the immediate priority is to tidy up typos and book covers and fill a small plot hole I’ve spotted in The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy. Oops.


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After much tearing of hair and headaches I have at last brought the most recent ‘Just Woman’ story to a conclusion. This one has involved a bit of research as most of the action takes place in Spain, and when I started this story my knowledge of Spain in 1924 was approximately zilch. I now know a bit more about it (not a lot, but a bit).

The story is now on Wattpad, and here’s the blub and the current cover:

The Man from Barcelona 2nd draftMirabelle Leicester has always known that her husband Leon Gonsalez is the ‘possessor of innumerable coats of arms, quarterings, family mottoes direct and affiliated’ (in the words of Edgar Wallace), but since their marriage she has  discovered that he also has a real family, including a revolutionary cousin from Barcelona and an aristocratic aunt. When the cousin asks for Leon’s and Mirabelle’s assistance in clearing his name, the investigation takes them to Spain: trailing kidnappers, dodging gunmen, encountering old friends, and accumulating innumerable pieces of evidence in their battered suitcases. Is the Man from Barcelona innocent, or has he been lying all along?

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I’ve added the first of my attempts to continue Edgar Wallace’s thrillers to my Wattpad account, here.

Cover for 'The Flat at Doughty Court'.Synopsis: Whatever happened to the brave, sassy Mirabelle Leicester after she escaped from the clutches of the evil Doctor Oberzohn at the end of Edgar Wallace’s 1924 novel The Three Just Men? Where did she and Leon Gonsalez go after they drove off in Leon’s big fast car? A girl as resourceful as Mirabelle was certainly not going to let her hero get away from her … Edgar Wallace never told his readers what Mirabelle Did Next, so this story sets out to follow her and Leon to her aunt’s flat at Doughty Court in Bloomsbury to find out. 81 years after the great mystery writer’s death, readers can at last explore where this indefatigable pair might have travelled after they left Edgar Wallace’s pages.

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Having put one story on Wattpad, I thought ‘Why not put the prequel up too?’ After all, it’s received my beta-reader’s approval So it’s here. (Do drop by and take a look at it; it’s free, gratis and for nothing.)
London, 1924: Mirabelle Leicester has left her little farm in Gloucestershire for marriage and adventure. Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of international criminals, she has joined the organisation which saved her life and is now the fourth member of the Three Just Men’s crime-fighting organisation. Based in England, the Just Men attempt to impose justice where the law has failed. Mirabelle and her husband Leon Gonsalez encounter danger and face peril of death as they investigate crime around the wealthy houses, factories and workplaces of London.
Background: Edgar Wallace (1875–1932), writer of thrillers, detective fiction, humorous short stories and adventure, was one of the most popular English writers of the 1920s. He published the first of his stories about the ‘Four Just Men’ in 1906, and the book was such a best seller that he carried on writing about them. Two of these stories, the original book The Four Just Men and  a novella called ‘The Poisoners’ were stories without an ending for which the reader had to supply the end of the story. His final full-length novel of the Just Men, ‘The Three Just Men’ (1924) leaves the story with so many loose ends that it demands a continuation: this story is an attempt to provide one.

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NaNoWriMo’s latest email tells me that if I upload my NaNoWriMo novel to Wattpad by the end of this month it will be entered into a prize draw. Well, why not? So I’ve uploaded it: it’s here. If any of you reading this would like to take a glance and send me your comments, I’ll be glad to hear from you.
thumbBased on the characters from thriller-writer Edgar Wallace’s (1875-1932) “Four Just Men” series, this story explores what happens when Maria of Gratz, former leader of the Anarchist group the Red Hundred, returns to London in 1924 to escape her enemies on the continent of Europe. It is now 16 years since she and her Red Army tried to destroy London and only the Four Just Men were able to stop her. In revenge, Maria then betrayed George Manfred, the Just Men’s leader, to the English police. Now Maria is back, swearing her love for George, but although he believes she has reformed, his two colleagues Raymond Poiccart and Leon Gonsalez do not — and neither does Leon’s young wife Mirabelle Leicester. With the British economy in crisis and the General Strike just over the horizon, Maria’s rabble-rousing skills look set to stir up revolution in the streets and disaster for the country. Can Raymond, Leon and Mirabelle stop Maria from destroying Britain, and their leader George?

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