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The Sapphire black and white My friend who writes stories set in the ancient kingdom of Rheged has just sent me a list of typos and suggestions for The Sapphire, which I’ve implemented. They should come through on the edition on Amazon.com (etc.) shortly. However, I have left the Wattpad version as it is — none of these are major changes, just minor tweaks. (Readers, let me know if you want me to update Wattpad too.) She also said some nice things about the book, but you’ll have to read it for yourself.


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I’ve checked through the text of Retrogradus again. I’ve tidied some inconsistencies and tried to get Adelheide to conclude it cleanly (she hasn’t quite, but it’s better than it was). I’ve uploaded the file to the Kindle publishing page and it’s processing. Just a final check to make on the previewer and it’s ready to launch.

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When is ‘The End’ of a story? After all, real life does not have hard-and-fast endings. In real life, as fast as one plot twist is tidied off, another one arises. So how is it possible to finish the narrative of a story?

I generally think that when I can’t bring a story to a tidy ending it is time to put it to one side and do something else for a while. But some stories are long-term non-enders: the Retrogradus, for example (Book 7 of The Star series).

In short, the Retrogradus has been unfinished since 2000, and although in the last few months Adelheide has done a good job of tidying it up, it still hasn’t got a tidy finish. Odd ends keep leaping up and needing to be tidied away. And as soon as one end is tidied, another leaps out.

Perhaps I should just cut it off there — or there — and start the next story with the odd ends?

Or shove the loose ends into an appendix?

Or what? Ideas, anyone?

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retrogradus-draft-cover…now I’ve added some subheadings to give it some structure,’ I say.

‘This isn’t one of your chronicles,’ says Adelheide huffily. ‘I don’t do subheadings.’

‘Or arrows in the margins? Or pointing fingers?’ I tease her.

‘None of that stuff! Just the story, and the name of whoever is speaking. Oh — I did put in those pictures of the statue of Our Lady and Our Lord, from the chapel. But that’s all.’

‘I think it would be better with some more pictures,’ I say, ‘but meanwhile the main thing it needs is a good cover.’

We both look at the cover that Helen L. has done for us — she used the Kindle book cover designer, which is all right but not up to our normal standard.

‘I liked the roses she did for your story, Karlot,’ says Adelheide. ‘It’s a picture of roses from her garden, did you know?’

‘Yes,’ I say, irritated at being told something I already know, ‘it was my idea.’ I look again at the picture, and sigh. ‘I know we asked for footprints in the snow, but that orange and blue colouring doesn’t look right.’

‘It should be red and black,’ says Adelheide. ‘I’ll get on to it.’

So I leave her to it and go back to checking through the text. So far I’ve found two misplaced words that she missed, and no doubt I’ll find more minor mistakes as I go through — but so far there’s nothing major. Suddenly I remember something.

‘We need a new blurb, too,’ I call to Adelheide.

‘I’ve done it,’ she retorts. ‘You can read it in the next blog post.’ So I shall.

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… said Adelheide. ‘In fact, it’s a bit of a mess.’

‘You’ve been working on it for weeks,’ I said. ‘Haven’t you got it sorted out yet?’

‘Weeks? You can hardly talk! You left me with a pile of notes and — and ramblings — all full of romantic meanderings and sexual fantasy — and Jan was  worse. Honestly, Karlot!  Be reasonable.’

‘All right, all right,’ I said. ‘I admit it. It was a mess. But you’re so good at sorting out messes.’

‘Well! Now I have a baby to look after. So I don’t have so much time to sort out other people.’ She gave me a very Adelheide-ish grin. ‘You can have a go.’

So I shall have a ‘go’. She’s passed me the files, and told me to get on with it. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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Star 1It’s time A Sword, a Star, a Flame got a makeover. I’ve tidied up the formatting of Book One and put back in the introductory chapter that explains what is going on (why on earth did I cut it out? — well, it seemed like a good idea at the time). The story is a romance, but full of knights, pagan warriors and bloody battles. Altogether quite Unsuitable for gentle readers. It’s high time that Books Two and Three got on to Kindle — Book Two is even more Unsuitable than Book One. I’ll try to get on to that over the next few weeks, before NaNoWriMo (when I’ll be working on another Gray story, already planned).

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The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy (the next ‘Gray’ story) has gone for beta-reading. I hope I’ve caught all the spelling mistakes … Now I need a logo for the cover.

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