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The Sapphire black and white My friend who writes stories set in the ancient kingdom of Rheged has just sent me a list of typos and suggestions for The Sapphire, which I’ve implemented. They should come through on the edition on Amazon.com (etc.) shortly. However, I have left the Wattpad version as it is — none of these are major changes, just minor tweaks. (Readers, let me know if you want me to update Wattpad too.) She also said some nice things about the book, but you’ll have to read it for yourself.


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template-cover-dbfosa-with-shape2 My beta reader likes The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy. (Hoorah!) She has some comments to pass on, and when I receive them there may be some spelling corrections to put through. I’ve also noticed one surplus paragraph, which  I’ll remove (currently, two consecutive paragraphs contain the same information). I love positive feedback!

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