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After much tearing of hair and headaches I have at last brought the most recent ‘Just Woman’ story to a conclusion. This one has involved a bit of research as most of the action takes place in Spain, and when I started this story my knowledge of Spain in 1924 was approximately zilch. I now know a bit more about it (not a lot, but a bit).

The story is now on Wattpad, and here’s the blub and the current cover:

The Man from Barcelona 2nd draftMirabelle Leicester has always known that her husband Leon Gonsalez is the ‘possessor of innumerable coats of arms, quarterings, family mottoes direct and affiliated’ (in the words of Edgar Wallace), but since their marriage she has  discovered that he also has a real family, including a revolutionary cousin from Barcelona and an aristocratic aunt. When the cousin asks for Leon’s and Mirabelle’s assistance in clearing his name, the investigation takes them to Spain: trailing kidnappers, dodging gunmen, encountering old friends, and accumulating innumerable pieces of evidence in their battered suitcases. Is the Man from Barcelona innocent, or has he been lying all along?


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The Sapphire black and whiteAnd here’s a cover for The Sapphire. Slightly sketchy but the black and white gives it just a touch of appropriate menace — what do you think?

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New, moody cover

Adelheide has been busy: here is a new cover for the Retrogradus (Book 7 of The Star series). But perhaps it’s a bit dull? The first version looked more colourful, but perhaps was less true to the story. So, should the author try to tempt readers with something bright and cheerful, or a moody cover that is nearer to the spirit of the story?


Previous, more cheerful cover

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retrogradus-draft-cover…now I’ve added some subheadings to give it some structure,’ I say.

‘This isn’t one of your chronicles,’ says Adelheide huffily. ‘I don’t do subheadings.’

‘Or arrows in the margins? Or pointing fingers?’ I tease her.

‘None of that stuff! Just the story, and the name of whoever is speaking. Oh — I did put in those pictures of the statue of Our Lady and Our Lord, from the chapel. But that’s all.’

‘I think it would be better with some more pictures,’ I say, ‘but meanwhile the main thing it needs is a good cover.’

We both look at the cover that Helen L. has done for us — she used the Kindle book cover designer, which is all right but not up to our normal standard.

‘I liked the roses she did for your story, Karlot,’ says Adelheide. ‘It’s a picture of roses from her garden, did you know?’

‘Yes,’ I say, irritated at being told something I already know, ‘it was my idea.’ I look again at the picture, and sigh. ‘I know we asked for footprints in the snow, but that orange and blue colouring doesn’t look right.’

‘It should be red and black,’ says Adelheide. ‘I’ll get on to it.’

So I leave her to it and go back to checking through the text. So far I’ve found two misplaced words that she missed, and no doubt I’ll find more minor mistakes as I go through — but so far there’s nothing major. Suddenly I remember something.

‘We need a new blurb, too,’ I call to Adelheide.

‘I’ve done it,’ she retorts. ‘You can read it in the next blog post.’ So I shall.

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Watchers cover larger 6

The Watcher: design by Helen Lerewth

I’ve given Watchers a new cover. It better reflects the contents, and fits the series: now all the ‘Gray’ and ‘Julie’ stories have the same ‘chessboard of existence’ corporate design. There is a new ‘Watchers’ story in planning, but I wanted to get the cover on the old one tidied up first.

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Dragon Girls base plus three

The Priestess — and two other Dragon Girls. Design by Helen Lerewth.

I have AT LAST uploaded the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss on to Amazon. It’s only taken around thirty years.

Here’s the blurb:
Sophie is in love with a dream of a boy – he’s handsome, exciting and seriously cool. Problem number one: all her friends are after him too. Problem number two: so is Federal Security … but Sophie’s determined to get Graham Bradley whatever it takes, even if she has to cross the Galaxy to do it.
Unless the Head of Federal Security gets him first!

And on the left is the cover!
It’s only $0.99 on Amazon … not bad value for nearly 287,000 words.


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Dragon Girls 16_06_10a docx

I’m now most of the way through putting through the proof changes to Dragon Girls, sequel to Kimball’s Kiss. The .pdf copy above is for my reference, and free to anyone who cares to take a look at it. It still has the draft cover, but the final cover is now being put together.

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