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Busby and Pearce 2I’ve just uploaded the fourth of the ‘Just woman’ stories on to Amazon Kindle: it should be available to read within 72 hours. This book continues the story from where The Woman of Gratz broke off: Maria is lying wounded at Thorney Manor, while Mirabelle, Leon and Raymond are on their way back to Curzon Street. But it will shortly become clear that they need to get back to Thorney Manor to rescue Maria from even more enemies.

Here’s the blurb:

October, 1924: it’s just four days before the General Election which will decide the fate of Britain. As Socialist, Communists, Liberals and Conservatives prepare to battle for the hearts and minds of the electorate, the beautiful Maria of Gratz is fighting for her life. It seems that every anarchist in Europe is conspiring to destroy the woman who was once their leader, and every European nation has a warrant out for her arrest. … with so many enemies after her blood, how can Maria survive the four days until the election?

Mirabelle Leicester and her husband Leon, aided by their friends Lucy Baines and the policewomen Busby and Pearce, take on the task of protecting Maria for four days in October: Shoot-outs, ambushes, attempted kidnap and daring escapes will be their daily life while they struggle to ensure justice for Maria and her past victims.



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‘I do like your blog, Helen,’ said a recent acquaintance. ‘It’s got some really good material.’ It’s lovely to be praised. Regrettably for readers of this blog, she was talking about one of my other blogs.

Well — just to let you know that I can write good blogs when I really try.

On to the next post, which I’ve been thinking about for a while …

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We all piled off the train into the dark, cold winter’s evening. A motley crowd, we were tall and short, fat and thin, old, young and middle-aged, wrapped up warmly against the sharp cold in old coats, mock fur, leather jackets and woolly jumpers, knitted hats, caps and berets, muffled up in scarves and gloves and mittens or with cold white hands. We marched in boots and shoes and trainers, carrying our worn backpacks, smart shoulder bags and (in one case) smartly striped handbag, a flash of colour against the winter drabness of the rest of us. Together, a great crowd of common humanity, we surged down the platform and headed for the exit and home.

And the train departed, running away to the north: over the river, over the viaduct, away into the cold dark night. Run safely, little train, every window shining brightly; brave little train, on your long, long journey! You will run past settlements that were old when Caesar came, and towns that were new when I was young; past ruined castles and dead factories, and over St Michael’s ridge, beyond the Holy Mountain. You will run over the army’s road, over the winding river, over the green plains and red earth; through apple-orchards and ploughed wheat fields, through rich country, the land of saints, the land of song; across the roadways along which Offa led his army and (later) Aethelflaed led hers. Under and between the hills, along the ways where the Romans marched, through monk lands and across the Great River to the red, ruined castle on the hill. And then you will enter gentler lands, through rolling meadows and by hedgerows, winding lanes and woodland and past the white church, over the flat, flat plains and into Railway Town. And even then your journey will not be over; as another band of commuters surges off you and another surges on, you will wait patiently until the guard gives the ‘right away’, and then you’ll power off again ever further into the darkness, northwards, ever northwards, until you reach the Great Northern Metrop0lis where at last you draw to a rest.

Run safely, little train, every window shining brightly; brave little train, on your long, long journey! And while you journey away into the night, we commuters depart, going our separate ways; and I climb the long hill to my own home, while the eternal stars glitter overhead.

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Dragon Girls base plus three

The Priestess — and two other Dragon Girls. Design by Helen Lerewth.

I have AT LAST uploaded the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss on to Amazon. It’s only taken around thirty years.

Here’s the blurb:
Sophie is in love with a dream of a boy – he’s handsome, exciting and seriously cool. Problem number one: all her friends are after him too. Problem number two: so is Federal Security … but Sophie’s determined to get Graham Bradley whatever it takes, even if she has to cross the Galaxy to do it.
Unless the Head of Federal Security gets him first!

And on the left is the cover!
It’s only $0.99 on Amazon … not bad value for nearly 287,000 words.


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Dragon Girls 16_06_10a docx

I’m now most of the way through putting through the proof changes to Dragon Girls, sequel to Kimball’s Kiss. The .pdf copy above is for my reference, and free to anyone who cares to take a look at it. It still has the draft cover, but the final cover is now being put together.

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Gray Matters cover larger 5

‘Lost in space’: designed by Helen Lerewth

And now at last Gray Matters has a new cover, as well as tidied-up text. Yes, the cover looks a bit childish: but that’s how the young women in the story feel as they set off on their journeys through outer space.

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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing have issued a grammar challenge: I did OK, although I could have done better. The question I got wrong involved giving the clothing to the person who needed it most … but was that whoever or whomever?

Created by Write to Done

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