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After a long silence while I’ve been scribbling but not publishing, I’m at last doing something constructive for readers of this blog. I’ve made a wide range of my kindle books free over the coming UK Bank Holiday weekend, 4-7 May. Perhaps an opportunity to fill in some gaps in your collection!


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… but the taxman would take away most of what I earned.

(Spot the author who has recently filled out her tax return!)

So I’ll continue to publish stories that I enjoy writing, for the people who enjoy reading them. And I won’t pester the people who don’t want to read them into reading them. Why make lots more money just for the taxman?


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Yes, I know that The Star series still has some typos and missing words. To apologise to my readers and to show my gratitude for your patience, I am making (almost) all The Star series free for Christmas weekend (the exception is volume 2, where apparently I’ve already used up all the free offer days for this quarter). So vols 1 and 3 to 6 are free for Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

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Star 1 The Most Holy and Chivalric Order of the Star protects Our Lady’s Land and Her people from the ferocious pagan tribes to the south, and the great empire of the Rus to the east. But by the start of A Sword, a Star, A Flame the Order’s greatest danger comes from within Our Lady’s Land: from the rebels who want to destroy it and free the land from the Brothers’ tyranny. Fortunately for the Brothers, there are two people living in their House who hold the key to their survival: the young heiress Oglive and her beloved knight Adal.

template-cover-star-book-2 Oglive and Adal enable the Brothers to ally with Oglive’s pagan relatives and save their Order. But the alliance infuriates the Order’s overseers in Rome: and so in The Book of the Sorcerer the Brothers come under attack again. This time the enemy is the pope’s emissary who wants to destroy the peace the Brothers have made — and who is also far too fond of good-looking young men. Adal and his friends Jan and Berthol succeed in leading the pope’s emissary astray. He traps them by sorcery,  but the demons he calls up fall in love with the young knights and help them to destroy the sorcerer. But have our young heroes lost their souls? — or won valuable friends in the other-world?

Both of these Unsuitable stories will be free on Kindle during part of the coming week: check Amazon Kindle on Tuesday and Wednesday for the free offer on A Sword, A Star, a Flame:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009829HBO (Amazon.com) or https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009829HBO (Amazon.co.uk)

And The Book of the Sorcerer: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MF4L0MO (amazon.com) or https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MF4L0MO (amazon.co.uk)


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Template cover Watchers 2a

The Dragon of Justice: cover design by Helen Lerewth

Watchers 2: The Nightshift is free from Friday 22 July until Sunday 24 July. Find it on Amazon.co.uk (Amazon.co.uk)
and Amazon.com (Amazon.com)

Julie Smythe and her co-workers Lynne Saunders and Nodens the holy greyhound are called to a murder scene. Their task is to ensure that justice is done and the innocent are guided to safety — without being murdered themselves or destroyed by the spirits of hell.

Incidentally, the NORMAL price for ‘Watchers’ volumes is $0.99, not $1.31 as suggested on the Amazon.com search page.

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Yes, the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss is on Amazon at last!
Here it is on Amazon.com;
and here it is on Amazon.co.uk.
only 99 cents for 720 pages — read the free sample first …

and from Tuesday 21 June through to Thursday 23 June it’s free! — as are the other two books in the series, Kimball’s Kiss and Gray Matters.

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David Price on The Creative Penn blog reckons that an indie writer needs to spend 2-3 hours a day each day on social media promoting their work. That may well be true, but it also happens to be all the time I have for writing — so the choice is: write or advertise? To be honest, I’d prefer to write. But if no one reads it, what is the point? Well — I know my nearest and dearest will read it, and perhaps one day I will have time for advertising … let’s hope!

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