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DSCF6030In case any of you might think that I haven’t produced anything over the last few months: since my last Kindle book was published I’ve published a book and written several articles, but they are all my professional writing and not at home on this blog. But while I summon up energy to get back to Mirabelle’s next adventure, you might be interested in the work in progress. It’s a Julie Smythe ‘Watchers’ story and so quite different from Mirabelle, but it’s set in beautiful countryside (see the picture) and perhaps it may help to while away a few winter’s hours. It’s based around the fourth story in the collection of medieval Welsh tales known as ‘The Mabinogion’, which are set in the area where my family happened to spend our summer holiday this year. Here it is: Watchers 5 so far


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DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILI’ve just uploaded the 6th ‘Just Woman’ story to Amazon Kindle. This time I used Amazon’s ‘cover creator’ to create a cover reminiscent of the Edgar Wallace hardbacks of the 1930s. (I’m still working on a good 1920s cover …).

Price: the lowest price, as usual.  Book description:

Mirabelle Leicester has always known that her husband Leon Gonsalez is the ‘possessor of innumerable coats of arms, quarterings, family mottoes direct and affiliated’ (in the words of Edgar Wallace), but since their marriage she has  discovered that he also has a real family, including a revolutionary cousin from Barcelona and an aristocratic aunt. When the cousin asks for Leon’s and Mirabelle’s assistance in clearing his name, the investigation takes them to Spain: trailing kidnappers, dodging gunmen and encountering old friends.

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I’m uploading Brother Jan in Magdeburg to Kindle. It should be available on Amazon.com, etc., shortly.

This story is definitely for Adults Only and not suitable for those of sensitive disposition! You have been warned.


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Star blaster: cover design by the author

Tiana-riane Dfosa is a threat to everyone in Gray Bradley’s Galactic Empire because she’s an idealist without a heart; a totally reasonable, rational person who doesn’t believe in society. If she was alone she wouldn’t be a problem, but a lot of people like her ideas — particularly her belief that the Emperor is a myth, so his laws can be ignored, and only humans should rule the galaxy. How does she intend to get rid of the other intelligent races? Do you really want to know?
Gray and his friends have a good idea of what the Rationalists intend, but by the time Gray catches up with Dbfosa the damage is done and it’s already almost too late …

… I’ve just uploaded The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy to Amazon Kindle, so it will be available to download shortly.

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Watchers 4: Explosive is now available on Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Watchers-4-Explosive-Julie-Smythe-ebook/dp/B01LZXXVGF/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1475007129&sr=8-2&keywords=helen+Lerewth

and on amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Watchers-4-Explosive-Julie-Smythe-ebook/dp/B01LZXXVGF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475007416&sr=8-1&keywords=helen+lerewth

As the story explains, the plot of Watchers 4 is based on an historic siege, which ended explosively. As no one survived the explosion, it’s not clear what happened. Contemporary writers attributed the explosion to a young noblewoman who chose martyrdom over dishonour.

Many modern youth might agree with her choice — after all, a large number of western European youth have been heading to the Middle East recently, to join the group that calls itself Islamic State. But although the young members of the ‘Watchers’ team cheer on the would-be martyr, Julie Smythe asks whether anyone has the right to wish martyrdom on to others. Surely martyrdom has to be voluntary?

Somehow Julie and her friends keep getting themselves into these difficult questions!

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I’ve just uploaded the most recent ‘Watchers’ story to Kindle, so it should appear on Amazon.com (etc.) shortly. Regular readers will know thattemplate-cover-watchers-4-redrawn
Julie Smythe and her friends and family are Watchers, with the task of trying to stop humans ‘making complete fools of themselves’. When Julie’s daughter Caroline and her best friend Tonja go out together one evening, Julie realises that they’ve gone to Watch the end of an historic siege. Julie and her friend Sue rush after the girls to try to stop them turning a disaster into a catastrophe, but can they stop the two young idealists before everything goes explosive? …

… the story considers different attitudes towards war: while Julie and her friend Sue are horrified by what they witness, Caroline and Tonja are determined to get involved and ensure that ‘justice’ is done. But what is justice in war?

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Template cover Dbfosa

Concept cover, awaiting an appropriate centrepiece.

It was all the fault of Tiana-riane Dbfosa. She started the Rationalist political party that was the source of all the trouble. Luckily Gray had recruited Jane, who always knew that Tiana was Bad News; and Madi Porter and her sons also played their part in unravelling the mess. Penny and Trace headed the key investigative work, auditors unfazed by the threat of interstellar war and galactic destruction. Part of the problem was that Gray was too soft-hearted, although Tiana realised when it was almost too late that his heart could be hard enough when it mattered …

… I’ve just completed the first draft of the next ‘Gray’ book. After a spell check it will be on its way to my friend who reads, for her comments.

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