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I don’t know. I write in different genres. I write whatever story comes to mind.
It’s a story. Does it have to have a genre?

(Yes, because otherwise potential readers won’t know whether they will like it.)

Can’t they read the free extract?

(No, they want you to guide them by putting it in a genre. Then they’ll download the extract.)

Errr … But my stories don’t really fit into genres. I wrote a detective story about auditors in outer space; and a story about Saladin and the library at Cairo dressed up as a young adults’ short story; and a dark fantasy about human relationships with the divine dressed up as gay romance.

(That’s crazy. No wonder you don’t sell many books. You confuse your would-be readers. They never know what they’re getting next.)

I can, however, give my stories away  …

(It’s a good thing that most writers aren’t like that. Most readers want to know what they’re getting.)

They’re getting crazy stories because most of the writing I do is very, very serious stuff and I need some light relief to save me from going mad.

(So your genre is ‘crazy stuff’?)

Pretty much.


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..in the explosive event described in Watchers 4. For those of you who were wondering, here’s the page from George Bull’s History of Cyprus, volume 3, that Colin was reading. In fact there may have been survivors, but it’s another question whether they knew what had caused the disaster.20160930_144445

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Watchers 4: Explosive is now available on Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Watchers-4-Explosive-Julie-Smythe-ebook/dp/B01LZXXVGF/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1475007129&sr=8-2&keywords=helen+Lerewth

and on amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Watchers-4-Explosive-Julie-Smythe-ebook/dp/B01LZXXVGF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475007416&sr=8-1&keywords=helen+lerewth

As the story explains, the plot of Watchers 4 is based on an historic siege, which ended explosively. As no one survived the explosion, it’s not clear what happened. Contemporary writers attributed the explosion to a young noblewoman who chose martyrdom over dishonour.

Many modern youth might agree with her choice — after all, a large number of western European youth have been heading to the Middle East recently, to join the group that calls itself Islamic State. But although the young members of the ‘Watchers’ team cheer on the would-be martyr, Julie Smythe asks whether anyone has the right to wish martyrdom on to others. Surely martyrdom has to be voluntary?

Somehow Julie and her friends keep getting themselves into these difficult questions!

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I’ve just uploaded the most recent ‘Watchers’ story to Kindle, so it should appear on Amazon.com (etc.) shortly. Regular readers will know thattemplate-cover-watchers-4-redrawn
Julie Smythe and her friends and family are Watchers, with the task of trying to stop humans ‘making complete fools of themselves’. When Julie’s daughter Caroline and her best friend Tonja go out together one evening, Julie realises that they’ve gone to Watch the end of an historic siege. Julie and her friend Sue rush after the girls to try to stop them turning a disaster into a catastrophe, but can they stop the two young idealists before everything goes explosive? …

… the story considers different attitudes towards war: while Julie and her friend Sue are horrified by what they witness, Caroline and Tonja are determined to get involved and ensure that ‘justice’ is done. But what is justice in war?

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Boots No. 7 Moisture Drench lipstick, currently on Ebay.

I’ve drafted Watchers Four: Explosive and handed it over to a friend for beta-reading. Among other things it features a Boots No. 7 lipstick — like the one on the left. This being a Watchers story, the lipstick is not being used for its normal purpose — but in this episode no dragons or books are harmed.


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The next ‘Watchers’ story now has an outline plot. When The Most Dangerous Woman is out for beta-reading, I’ll get on with Watchers Four.

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Template cover Watchers 3

Watchers 3: The Library is now available on Amazon.com (here) and on Amazon.co.uk (here) and on any other Amazon near you. It will be free from 12-14 August, but otherwise will cost $0.99 or the equivalent in local currency.

Synopsis: Julie Smythe and her friends are Watchers, with the task of trying to stop humans ‘making complete fools of themselves’. When Julie’s daughter Caroline needs some extra books for a school assignment, she and Julie set off to find a suitable library. Their search leads them to a library under threat of destruction; but can they save the books? — or at least rescue what Caroline needs for her assignment?

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