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Yes, the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss is on Amazon at last!
Here it is on Amazon.com;
and here it is on Amazon.co.uk.
only 99 cents for 720 pages — read the free sample first …

and from Tuesday 21 June through to Thursday 23 June it’s free! — as are the other two books in the series, Kimball’s Kiss and Gray Matters.


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Watchers cover larger 6

The Watcher: design by Helen Lerewth

I’ve given Watchers a new cover. It better reflects the contents, and fits the series: now all the ‘Gray’ and ‘Julie’ stories have the same ‘chessboard of existence’ corporate design. There is a new ‘Watchers’ story in planning, but I wanted to get the cover on the old one tidied up first.

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Dragon Girls base plus three

The Priestess — and two other Dragon Girls. Design by Helen Lerewth.

I have AT LAST uploaded the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss on to Amazon. It’s only taken around thirty years.

Here’s the blurb:
Sophie is in love with a dream of a boy – he’s handsome, exciting and seriously cool. Problem number one: all her friends are after him too. Problem number two: so is Federal Security … but Sophie’s determined to get Graham Bradley whatever it takes, even if she has to cross the Galaxy to do it.
Unless the Head of Federal Security gets him first!

And on the left is the cover!
It’s only $0.99 on Amazon … not bad value for nearly 287,000 words.


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Dragon Girls 16_06_10a docx

I’m now most of the way through putting through the proof changes to Dragon Girls, sequel to Kimball’s Kiss. The .pdf copy above is for my reference, and free to anyone who cares to take a look at it. It still has the draft cover, but the final cover is now being put together.

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Where do heroes come from? In Gray Matters, Graham Bradley’s god is a mysterious creature called Wiroan. The original form of this all-wise being was Rudyard Kipling’s Baviaan from Just So Stories 20160610_160949.

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Where do heroes come from? Here is the original Graham Bradley — with his long blond hair and stubborn chin.20160522_115539 As a five-year old I spent a lot of time playing ‘rummy’ with these cards.

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