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The sequel to Kimballs Kiss-Sophie Walker part three_26_05_16

… and here is the third part of the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss, still awaiting its final title, and this time without even a cover picture: but the text is here.


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The sequel to Kimballs Kiss -Sophie Walker_part two

I have now finished revising the second part of the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss, originally entitled Sophie Walker, and now in need of a new title. The second part is named after Graham Bradley’s nemesis, the Federal Chief of Security and Head of military forces, Rose MacCrae. Rose is descended from the black population of Glasgow, Scotland — hence her surname. Part three is next: and then I’ll put all three parts together.

Pictures Autumn 2012 032

A deep purple rose for Rose McCrae: photo by Helen Lerewth.

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The sequel to Kimballs Kiss – Sophie Walker_part one_beta version

Here it is, at long last: the first part of the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss. The title is still provisional. When I have revised parts two and three, I will put the whole book on to Amazon for Kindle; until then, here is a pdf file.

The cover picture is a sketch of Memnon, the young Mary woman who adores Gray and who sets out to introduce democracy to the new Galactic Empire.

Memnon 3

Memnon: an old marginal sketch by Helen Lerewth.

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Moving house is a time for finding things. I’ve mentioned before that the football team supported by the lads in Kimball’s Kiss is Leicester City — which this year has at last lived up to our lads’ hopes. Here is another of my own supporters’ memorabilia — a Leicester City scarf knitted for one of my glove puppets by a friend. She now writes novels about the kingdom of Rheged, but that’s another story.


Badger and Renard the Fox.

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Kimball’s Kiss is now being rewritten. The formatting has been tidied. Grammatical and spelling errors will be eradicated: and new ones will creep in. The chapters are getting new titles, to give a better impression of the story’s flavour. So instead of straight-faced titles they will be a bit quirky and include a few double-entendres.
The content is next: there is some rewriting to do. Coarse language should be smoothed away and replaced with hints rather than blatancy (is that a noun?) The story needs a Preface — I have volunteered Jane Neilsdorter to provide one. It also needs a smoother segue into the final chapter: Jane has dug out her old school books and is leafing through the sections on the Re-Foundation of the Empire.
The book is better. Honest. It is now on Amazon!

Meanwhile, Sophie Walker is still waiting to be unloaded for wider consumption. I have some revisions to do. The characters each have their own ideas about how it should finish, and I need to go back and edit them into line. It is a problem that a real Sophie Walker has stepped into the limelight in recent months — the ‘Women’s Equality Party’ candidate for London Mayor. This means I’ll have to change the title of the book, as my Sophie Walker character has nothing to do with the political figure. As the character has been called ‘Sophie Walker’ since the 1970s, this is awkward.


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Moving house – my husband found an old school book of mine, dating from 1975. And there, among my other English essays, is a story featuring the girls from The Ballad of Julie Smythe.

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Gray Matters cover larger 5

‘Lost in space’: designed by Helen Lerewth

And now at last Gray Matters has a new cover, as well as tidied-up text. Yes, the cover looks a bit childish: but that’s how the young women in the story feel as they set off on their journeys through outer space.

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