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It is interesting how long it takes a writer’s brain to recover from enormous stress. The day job didn’t kill me last year, but when I reached the end of my term in that enormous administrative responsibility I had been carrying for the past three years, my brain was no longer in any state to write anything.

Since then I have started writing professionally again, slowly and uncertainly. The famous style is taking a long time to recover. I hope that my fans and reviewers will not be disappointed by the current book, which certainly isn’t flowing in the same way as previous books.

As for the fiction that I used to write in order to relax: I have started going through my almost-completed work.

The Ballad of Julie Smythe needs a thorough re-write of the middle chapters, and a new cover.
Kimball’s Kiss: I promised to rewrite it to take out the sex, but what is Gray Bradley without sex? It could be improved with some repackaging: such as a new cover. Honestly, folks, the sex is intended to be for fun … you needn’t get so up-tight about it. Gray himself never takes it seriously. (Perhaps I should make that clear in the book’s online description?)
Sophie Walker (the sequel to Kimball’s Kiss): is written but not yet on Amazon because I was going to try to smooth it down. It needs a polish but I might leave the sex in. The hero is ‘mad, bad and sometimes extremely silly.’ The point of the story? ‘Just for once, let’s have the hero winning the galactic empire by seducing people rather than killing them.’
And what about The Just Woman books? I have not yet put them on Amazon. They are so different from the Gray books that they could use another pseudonym … hmm. I’ve run out of pseudonyms. In any case, a re-read tells me that they are clunky, wordy and pedantic. A polish is in order before they go anywhere.

And that’s the lot. Looking at the above, the first thing I need to get on to is designing some new covers.


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