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2014 did not go quite as I’d hoped for: after the start of May, the day job expanded so much that I had no time or energy for my own writing, not even in November for NaNoWriMo! I still have the four ‘Just Woman’ stories waiting for a final revision and uploading to Amazon. Then there is a question of whether I should take down some of my books that are currently on Amazon and repackage them, as Kimball’s Kiss and Gray Matters are looking a bit tired three years on (and how many modern printed books remain in print for over three years?) Meanwhile, my friend’s ‘Rheged’ series is expanding: her latest exciting addition is The Sun Goddess and the Moon God, another unputdownable adventure story set in 6th-century Britain. But her day job is also very demanding in time and energy, and her stories haven’t got beyond the beta-reader (me). So there is lots going on at this desk at the start of 2015; I hope that this year things will move off the desk and into the wider world!


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