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… but not in most fantasy novels. As I proof-read Sophie Walker again, I’m struck by Gray’s continual attempts to avoid violence (‘he gets other people to do his fighting for him’, as his mate Mick puts it). The story is about how to end a war and avoid having any more such conficts; and even the ferocious General Aoan learns how to govern an empire without killing anyone.

Yet, most fantasy novels, even Christian fantasy, involve a lot of fighting and a high body count. This is particularly strange in fiction written in the western world, where most people live in peaceful societies where violence does not form part of the everyday experience. Perhaps it’s because I have lived in a country where violence formed part of everyday experience that my fantasy galaxy  is governed by a person who wants to avoid violence. Of course many people will tell us that sex, drugs and propaganda  are much worse than violence.  Having seen the town where I was born go up in flames, allow me to disagree.

Oh — of course, there’s a lot of violence in The Star. But that’s another story.


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