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I’m very pleased with the recent review of Kimball’s Kiss. ‘But,’ I hear you cry, ‘it was four stars rather than five, and a four star review is social death on kindle.’ If it is, then it shouldn’t be, because publishers tell me that all reviews sell books. But in any case the reviewer said some very nice things about the book, and made it clear why it was four and not five stars. Both the points the reviewer made have been pointed out by another reader, so clearly I’ll be making some revisions as soon as I have time. Until then, to answer the reviewer’s main concern: YES! there is a sequel, but I’m still finishing it. O how can that be, when the sequel was first sketched out in 1985? Alas, dear reader, as I was typing it up, I got to the point where the heroine tragically betrays the hero — and this time through she refused to betray him. So I’ve had to rewrite the final third of the book, and this is taking some time.


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A Sword, a Star, a Flame is a horror-fantasy series. The first story is a love story, with less of the horror:
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The first story in the series goes like this:

In another space-time continuum, on another Earth, three women decide to safeguard the history of their conquered country by sending a copy to our world for safekeeping. This first part of their history tells of the hidden childhood of Oglive, exiled heiress of the Shee, and her forbidden romance with the dashing warrior Adal. Brought up by the austere Brotherhood of the Order of the Star, Oglive longs to escape to her own people. When she enounters the brave and handsome Adal, they decide to escape together to Oglive’s homeland. But when they reach the Shee they discover that they aren’t what they expected, and their own past won’t let them go. The story is told by Oglive and Adal, with comments by their friends.
After this, the series goes rapidly downhill, with the major characters getting themselves into black magic and spirit-worship. Irresponsible idiots.Events in The Star are narrated by the characters, so the style varies depending on who is narrating. This is interesting to write; readers can let me know whether it ‘works’ as a read.

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