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Watchers is free this weekend. Here’s the link to amazon.co.uk:

And to amazon.com

Enjoy! — or, even if you don’t, it’s free …


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OK, who is Julie Smythe? Well, she’s not me — I could never have stuck that accountancy job. She was doing OK until aliens invaded Earth, and then her career This is  Breedon church, where Julie and her friends managed to elude their demonic pursuers ... for a while.went pear-shaped. Getting abducted twice was rather careless …

Readers of Gray Matters and  Watchers will know that Julie survives and goes on to an alternative career as a Watcher, wife and mother. How she gets there is rather more complicated than those stories imply. Trying to persuade the creators of this universe that they need human help isn’t easy, but Julie and her friends win out … eventually.

The words ‘creators of this universe’ are going to annoy almost everybody.  All those who believe that the first chapter of the Book of Genesis is history will object to my using the Gnostic creation legends, where the physical universe is created by evil demons. All those who are allergic to the word ‘Creation’ will just avoid the book. Let’s be clear: I wrote this for fun. And the ‘creators’ in Julie Smythe aren’t evil so much as incompetent — hence, we could argue, the obvious design faults in humans: bad backs; joints which wear out; allergies; PMT … the list is endless. Just how do these things give homo sapiens an evolutionary advantage? But if we assume that they are down to the creators’ incompetence …

… actually, that’s a worrying thought.

The Ballad of Julie Smythe is available at the lowest possible price from amazon’s Kindle Store.

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