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I’ve just published a new title on Kindle: Watchers (a tale of Julie Smythe). Readers of Gray Matters will have encountered the Ballad of Julie Smythe, which annoys Beth because she assumes it’s a happy-ending romance. The truth is rather more complicated.


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I ran a free promotion on both books last week, 8–10 July. Results: in the UK, 20 copies of Gray Matters and 25 copies of Kimball’s Kiss were given away. In the USA, 78 copies of Gray Matters and 65 copies of Kimball’s Kiss were given away (and one copy of Gray Matters has been sold). In Germany, the figures are 4 and 11 respectively; no sales or give-aways in France, Spain or Italy. And one copy of Gray Matters has been borrowed through the Kindle lending programme, which so far as I can see is a waste of time. So – it’s possible to give the book away, but (after six months) sales are more difficult!
Gray Matters was published in December 2011, Kimball’s Kiss in January 2012.
Total sales to date of Gray Matters are nine copies; total free giveaways are 422 plus the 102 last week, making 524. Sales of Kimball’s Kiss to date are eight copies; total free giveaways are 333, plus 101 last week, making 434. So in fact, copies shifted are quite respectable — 975 copies altogether; not enough to make a living, but respectable enough for a first book which doesn’t fit any standard genre (spiritual science fiction?) with virtually no advertising, only two reviews (on amazon.co.uk only) for Gray Matters and none for Kimball’s Kiss. It’s interesting that free giveaways don’t seem to be based on reviews.
The question is: will people buy a book for 77p or 99c when they know it’s likely to be free again in a few weeks?
Do they read it when they’ve downloaded it for free?
Would a few more reviews result in a few more sales?
Would new covers on the two books encourage sales?

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